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Are You Working a Second Shift?

Find Some Family Balance! 25 years ago, in my introduction to sociology class, I read a fascinating book by Arlie Hochschild, called The Second Shift.  In it, she talks about the division of labor within the household whereby women finish their paid job and then put in another 40 hours at home taking care of daily […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On August 19, 2019
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Organize Your Pantry Like a Pro!

Take your pantry organization to the next level.

Clearly label individual storage bins to ensure your stockpile of goodies are always visible. Always make sure to purge on a regular basis to keep expired and unused items to a minimum. Try grouping similar items and ingredients together to make them easy to find and help expedite cook times! Keep your pantry...
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On June 28, 2019
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Can you create a life that Sparks Joy™?

The first time I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo I didn’t really get it. I mean, I understood that she was promoting the fundamentals of organization and I agreed with all of her organizing suggestions but I didn’t truly see the bigger message behind her clever tagline “Does it Spark […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On April 26, 2019
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Organizing your Life with Evernote

Many of my clients express their frustration over the amount of paper clutter in their life! Whether it is incoming mail, a backlog of files in their home office or the piles that seem to fill every available flat space, the work involved with clearing paper clutter is overwhelming. I have gone nearly paperless in […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On March 26, 2019
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The Summer Camp Mistake I Made and How to Avoid It

My boys will turn 6 and 8 this summer so their camp options are endless.  However, two years ago, I made a terrible mistake. I let the boys pick out their preferred camps based on the camp activity.  Sounds like I did the right thing BUT, despite how fun jumping on a trampoline, molding clay […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On February 25, 2019
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Helpful Life and Home Organization Tips and Quotes from Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is sparking a stir again.  Her Netflix series is generating excitement and inspiring people to change their lives. Her books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy have each reached #1 on the New York Times best seller list. The KonMari Method, an organizational process focused on discarding and organizing an […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On January 28, 2019
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Jewelry Organization

Jewelry is a favorite gift of the holiday season but is often difficult to store. We can have “good” jewelry, costume jewelry, family jewelry and precious memories wrapped around our smallest treasures. The question becomes, how do we store it all so we can access what we need and protect that which has special meaning […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On December 13, 2018
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Lego Storage Ideas

The fundamentals of organization of Legos are no different than for any area of the home.  Follow the tried and true process: Sort, Purge, Containerize, Maintain. However, it gets complex because sorting Legos is no small feat and there is no one way to sort them.  All kids play with Legos a bit differently. Depending […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On November 19, 2018
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Keep Your Holiday Decorations Fresh and Festive Year After Year

10 Ideas for Holiday Storage, Kirsten Fisher, Founder & CEO, Imagine Home Organization Many of us celebrate holidays to the fullest making for joyful occasions.  However, the challenge of holiday decorating is in the storage. I made a list of my favorite storage ideas that will ensure your decorations look their best every year while […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On October 22, 2018
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Organizing and Maintaining Your Garage

Finally! I had a little free time this weekend to do some garage organization. Yes, even a professional organizer’s garage needs some maintenance. Some of you may already be shuddering just thinking about the unbearable task of weeding through the mound of belongings lining the walls and covering the floor of your garage. For others, […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On September 19, 2018
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10 Steps to Avoid Back to School Mayhem

Now that we are at the tail end of summer break, many parents are starting to think about getting back into the school routine. Going back to school doesn’t have to be madness and mayhem. With some forward-planning, routine adjustments and organization you can save time, money and most importantly your sanity. Conquer your mornings […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On July 25, 2018
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Introducing Holly Ann Style and Our New, Collaborative Design Packages

Welcome our New Team Member, Holly Ann The Imagine Home Organization team is proud to be partnering with fashion stylist Holly Ann (of Holly Ann Style) for some new and exciting offerings! We believe that transforming your style and space not only changes your lifestyle, but also positively impacts your life. Think about all the […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On July 11, 2018
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Organizing After A Death In The Family

The loss of a loved one is overwhelming in so many ways.  There is a myriad of things to address, yet you can feel paralyzed to do anything.  While the funeral home will guide you through the official and public ceremony of saying goodbye, it is often the later tasks that are most difficult to […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On March 9, 2018
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5 Things You May Be Doing to Sabotage Your Organization

Many of my clients tell me they have tried to get organized and just can’t do it.  They are smart, capable people, so we haven’t they succeeded?  Many times, we thwart our own best efforts and small adjustments can lead to huge strides in living an organized lifestyle. 1.  Shop First.  Buying cute containers may help motivate […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On December 28, 2017
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Give Less Stuff at Christmas and Enjoy More!

It is crunch time now.  The holidays and gift exchanges are just a couple of weeks away.  This year, give memories not gifts.  They leave a lasting impression and won’t clutter up your home. Think outside the “spa” gift card (not that we don’t all love a massage).  What are some unusual things that will […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On December 5, 2017
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Ten Organizing Products You Won’t Want to Live Without

Interdesign Binz – Are you frustrated with things like medicine bottles or skin lotions that tend to get jumbled sitting on the shelf? The ones in the front always topple over when you fumble for the ones in the back.  These clear binz will keep them straight and in place,  just pull down the bin, grab what […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On November 8, 2017
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Easy Options for Photo Organizing

Summer vacations already seem like a world away.  Likely, we haven’t taken the time to organize our summer (or even spring) photos.  Here are a few easy and organized things to do with your photos that don’t involve days of scrap-booking. Create a vacation book:  I like to use Blurb or Shutterfly as they are easy to use, fun […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On September 11, 2017
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5 Common Storage Pitfalls in A New Home Build

1.      We underestimated our needs:  Every bedroom is going to have a closet but that generally isn’t enough space.  You need a linen closet.  You need pantry storage for your kitchen.  You need built out storage in your garage.  You need climate controlled storage for general items that can’t be kept in the garage.  Your bathrooms […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On August 5, 2017
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Does your master closet work for you?

The standard closet consisting of one rod and one shelf doesn’t work.  There should be several components to the ideal master closet – short hang, long hang, shoe storage, shelving and drawers.  For most women, short hang will make up the bulk of their storage needs.  They will have tank tops, shirts, blouses, skirts and […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On April 27, 2017
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I maximized my garage. You can too.

We ask so much of our garage.  It is car housing, workspace, utility central and storage.  However, we often neglect the systems that could make the garage efficient for these things.  At best, we put some shelving up and at worst we have “things” packed on the floor until our expensive cars are parked on […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On February 21, 2017
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Achieve the Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions with Organization

As January comes to a close, we might be patting ourselves on the back for achieving a full month of our New Year’s resolutions or we might be lamenting as they fall by the wayside.  While “getting organized” is often a resolution in itself, organization is actually the means to many ends when it comes […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On January 22, 2017
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Reduce Holiday Baking Stress with the Perfect Pantry

During the holidays, you may find yourself in the kitchen more than usual creating everything from pumpkin pie to brussels sprouts.   The state of your pantry may determine how stressful these preparations become.  To avoid missing and doubling ingredients as well as wasted time searching for key items, take these simple steps to prep your […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On December 15, 2016
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10 Tips to Organize the Play Spaces in Your Home

Whether you have a designated play room or not, you will likely find there are several places throughout the home where toys, crafts and games will live.  These guidelines will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the kids’ stuff while input from Shannon Booth Lipan, early childhood education expert and owner of The Wonder Studio, in […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On November 2, 2016
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Got Organized? How Do You Keep It That Way?

An Organized Lifestyle Whether you used a professional organizer or got some DIY help, the transition from an organized space to an organized lifestyle requires maintenance.  Follow these 5 tips for maintaining your blissful space. 1.       Keep Your Goals in Mind.  There was something that motivated you to get organized.  You may have missed an appointment […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On October 18, 2016
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Kitchen Clutter Got You Burnt Up?

Kitchen Organization The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such a commonly overstuffed room.  In order to maximize the function of your kitchen you want to organize it in the most efficient way possible. 1.       Place glasses, plates and mugs in a location closest to the dishwasher so they are easy to put […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On October 3, 2016
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What if I don’t have the art storage capabilities of the Museum of Fine Art?

The youngest artists in our families are the most prolific.  Their creative genius brings pride but it also creates a storage problem.  How do we determine what to keep and once we have, how do we store all of that amazing work? What should I keep? I have a multi-step system for determining what to […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On September 12, 2016
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Don’t Be Late For School!!

“Hurry up, we’re going to be late…..again.”  If this is a phrase you find yourself repeating every morning, use these helpful tips to prepare for back to school and learn a better morning routine. Paperwork – Depending on the age of your child, the paperwork to be eligible for school may be minimal or mindboggling.   Create […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On August 2, 2016
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Treasure Your Memories with Proper Photo Storage

Summer is in full swing.  We are taking vacations and our cameras and phones are capturing all the fun.  This means the photo mess is going to grow!  Most of us have a mix of digital and print photos, often in a variety of places within the home.  As we have become more digital, the […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On June 28, 2016
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Is your home too old to get organized?

Old homes have stunning character, tradition, history and quality construction rarely found these days.  These are among many reasons we choose to live in an older home.  Storage space is not one of them!  Our gorgeous old houses often provide minimal closet space, inhospitable attics and a garage that is a tight squeeze for our […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On April 7, 2016
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Calm the Camp Chaos: Get Organized for Summer!

Last year, was my son’s first year of pre-school and thus, my first experience with summer camp.  I felt overwhelmed by the process even though, at 4 years old, he only had a few options.  This summer, he turns 5 so the camp opportunities multiplied as did my stress about getting it right. I decided […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On March 3, 2016
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Is travel with kids really a vacation?

A Mai Tai on the beach?  A book on a porch swing?  Are these wonderful holiday treats a thing of the past when you travel with your children?    Well, those particular luxuries may be on hold for a few years, but a true holiday can be accomplished with your family, if you plan ahead. Choosing […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On January 27, 2016
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The one resolution to achieve all of your goals this year? Get Organized!

The most common objectives noted for the New Year are getting fit, reducing stress and spending more time with friends and family.  These grand goals are seldom achieved, often because of lack of time. Organization will give you more time to work out and get out with the people you love while reducing your daily […]
  • Posted by Imagine Home Organization
  • On December 31, 2015
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