Thanksgiving Checklist to Ensure a Stress Free Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Family, Gratitude, Food. What isn’t to love? Well maybe the stress of having to prepare for everyone gathering in one place. To help relieve the stress, I have created a checklist to get you to the big day so you can enjoy the process as well as the outcome.


Edit the spaces guests will use:

Go through all items in the dining room, living room and guest rooms. Sort items into categories, determine what you actually need or love and then decide where those items should live. If it needs to stay in the guest spaces, contain it in a way that looks great and defines what it is.


Clean up:

Give all of the bathrooms and your common spaces a deep clean. You may consider having the carpets and upholstery cleaned as well.


Decorate for the Season:

Add a touch of warmth and festivity to your home with Thanksgiving decorations. Consider using autumnal colors, pumpkins, gourds and fall wreaths to create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget candles can serve as decor and provide amazing seasonal scents.


Prepare the Guest Rooms:

If you have overnight guests, ensure their accommodations have fresh linens, extra blankets, and toiletries. Ensure that your editing has left them space to hang a few pieces and place a few folded items away.


Plan the Menu:

Decide on the Thanksgiving menu and make a shopping list. Take into account any dietary restrictions or preferences your guests may have. If family members are bringing dishes, coordinate who is responsible for what to avoid duplication. It is always nice to include some family favorites and try some new dishes. I like to go to my favorite IG accounts and see what they are making that is new and fun.


Prep the Pantry:

First remove all the expired food and then put food into categories. Ensure you have all the ingredients and supplies you need for Thanksgiving. This includes not just the main dishes but also snacks, beverages, and items for breakfast and other meals during their stay. Integrate these items into your food categories so guests can help themselves.


Set Up a Beverage Station:

Create a self-serve beverage station with coffee, tea, hot cocoa and water where your guests can help themselves.


Create a Cozy Atmosphere:

Make your home inviting by arranging comfortable seating adding soft throws and pillows. Provide entertainment options like board games, movies and toys for littles if they are coming to keep everyone engaged.


Plan for Leftovers:

Have containers ready for storing leftovers, and encourage your guests to take some home. You can even provide recipe cards with ideas for repurposing Thanksgiving leftovers.


Ask for help:

Just because you are hosting does NOT mean you have to do all the work. Everyone loves to help out but often we don’t know what to do in someone else’s home. Give everyone a task and you will have more time to enjoy it all and they will feel part of it all. Take a moment to think about the best job for each family member before the day arrives when you have time to think. Don’t wait until you are trying to do many things on your own and delegating is too hard.


Enjoy the Day:

Finally, remember that the most important part of Thanksgiving is spending time with loved ones. Be sure to relax, enjoy the day, and savor the moments with your family.

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