Lego Storage Ideas
The fundamentals of organization of Legos are no different than for any area of the home. Follow the tried and true process: Sort, Purge, Containerize, Maintain. However, it gets complex because sorting Legos is no small feat and there is no one way to sort them. All kids play with Legos a bit differently. Depending on age, personality or the number of kids playing at once, they may search by color, size or type of piece (or a combination of things). Some people love to sort by color and this method works well when you like to build and rebuild your sets. It makes searching for the right piece a bit easier when you are looking for one color. Others will sort by size and this work well when your child (like my 5 year old) wants to build his own creations and he needs certain types of pieces but doesn’t care about the color. Still some keep the kits together and separated from the general building bricks.

However you decide to sort the Legos, it takes patience to keep them that way, and it takes the participation of the Lego user. You will also need creative ways to store them. Here are a few of my favorites:


The beauty of the drawstring bag is that all the legos are in one place and cleanup is a snap. You lay the bag down flat for play exposing all the legos. You can play right on the flattened bag. It is easy to dig through, scan and use what you like. You can even throw large creations in there. When you are finished, you just draw the string and it is all zipped up and put away. The only drawback to the drawstring is that it maxes out after a small to medium collection size.


Containers come in so many different sizes, it is easy to get exactly the right size for the categories you determine are right for you. I recommend using clear bins so you can see each category easily and don’t have to rely on the label side facing out or your little ones being able to read. I also recommend wider lower bins over taller narrower bins because it is easier to search in a shallower area.


Drawers can be a nice alternative to bins because they provide the same kind of container system without the hassle of replacing lids and restacking legos each time. It has the drawback of not being as portable. My son likes to grab his container of mini figurines and play in a lot of different areas of the home. I recommend The Container Store Elfa drawer units with dividers.

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