Keep Your Holiday Decorations Fresh And Festive Year After Year

10 Ideas for Holiday Storage:

Many of us celebrate holidays to the fullest making for joyful occasions. However, the challenge of holiday decorating is in the storage. I made a list of my favorite storage ideas that will ensure your decorations look their best every year while saving you time, expense and holiday stress.

1. Use color appropriate boxes for storage so you can easily identify which box is for each holiday.

2. Use multiple boxes to avoid heavy lifting and awkward storage configuration. Make sure you sort and label by the location used so you can pull out only what is needed.

3. Store ornaments and small holiday figurines in specialized containers with adjustable compartments to protect them from damage while maximizing space. While many choose to box in the original packaging, this is not the most space or time efficient method. For especially delicate items you can place bubble wrap or tissue within the compartment. As you wrap each item, use a Sharpie to label the wrap for future years. Place hand-made and food craft ornaments in a resealable sandwich bag to protect from humidity.

4. In order to keep cherished memories, use a Sharpie to label each ornament or decorative piece in a discreet location with the year received and from whom.

5. To avoid the time and stress wasted on untangling, store lights on a spool and label the location they are used with a tag made of masking tape and Sharpie.

6. Store your holiday dishes, tablecloths and silver with your decorations to avoid overburdening your kitchen or pantry with items you rarely use.

7. Store boxes in out of the way places since you only access once each year. Can’t find space? Install a system to allow you to use the ceiling of your garage or high shelving.

8. Hang your wreaths in wreath storage, garbage or garment bags to avoid dust and crushing. Use a specialty storage case if hanging space is limited and you need to stack them.

9. Invest in a gift wrap center appropriate for your level of interest in wrapping. From a small container that fits under the bed to an elaborate Elfa craft station, the important thing to remember is to have all required tools in one location including paper, tissue, ribbon, embellishments, tags, tape, scissors and markers.

10. If you have more decorations than storage space, review your items and give yourself permission to donate those items you don’t use or don’t love.

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