5 Common Storage Pitfalls In A New Home Build
1. WE UNDERESTIMATED OUR NEEDS: Every bedroom is going to have a closet but that generally isn’t enough space. You need a linen closet. You need pantry storage for your kitchen. You need built out storage in your garage. You need climate controlled storage for general items that can’t be kept in the garage. Your bathrooms will need storage other than under-sink cabinets (drawers are much better than doors).

2. WE BUILT CLOSETS THAT WERE TOO SHALLOW FOR HANGING CLOTHES: Many closets are designed at 18” or 19” deep but hanging clothes really require 22”. While making that adjustment is easy if discovered early in the design or build process, once the house is complete there is nothing to be done to make the closet function ideally.

3. WE DIDN’T MAXIMIZE THE STORAGE SPACES: Typically new homes are finished with a single wire shelf and rod along the top half of each closet. This wastes a tremendous amount of space as you don’t have double hang, may need shelving (offices), may need a combination of hang and shelving and doesn’t give you solid shelves where they may be preferred (pantry).

4. WE TRIED TO PLAN OUR OWN STORAGE: Ask an expert. Even if she doesn’t fully organize your space, have her develop the system and organization plan and then follow it.

5. WE KEPT MORE THINGS THAN WE NEEDED: You may have a lot of space and have it expertly laid out but if you keep more than you need, you will be frustrated when accessing your things.

Imagine Home Organization offers expert storage planning and closet system implementation.

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