Labels Can Elevate Any Space

It is so satisfying to look into your pantry and see a labeled bin specific to every food category! Having a specific home for every item means you will easily find anything you need. Do you dream of having a uniform look in each of the spaces in your home? Labels provide function but with so many choices, they will look stunning no matter your style preference.

At Imagine, we love chalk labels. They are inexpensive, easy to find and you can bring in your own creativity with your style of writing. (although most of our clients say they prefer our handwriting). Another benefit to chalk labels is the ease with which you can change what the labels say. By using a chalk marker (and not actual chalk), the label will remain until you apply water or alcohol to remove. These labels are great for pantries or kids’ playrooms when labels may change as preferences do.

Many of our clients want to elevate the look of their space and that can be achieved with decals. The labels are custom cut with vinyl stickers that are applied directly to a plastic or any flat surface bin. If you are crafty and enjoy a project, they can be made at home with a Cricut. We order our labels custom from Etsy where we can choose the size, font and color for a reasonable price below $5 per label. Decals are a perfect choice for garages, laundry rooms or bathrooms.

If you want the upgraded look without the wait for a custom cut label, the P-touch cube can provide a 1” tall printed label that gives nearly the same look. It can be done in many different fun fonts and printed in multiple colors on white, black or clear. The clear provides a very close match to the custom vinyl.

Although these labels require a flat surface for application, you can label a gorgeous basket with a label clip, providing a fantastic look and the function you need to know what is in your opaque basket. While baskets look great in closets to group hats, scarves, wallets and more, we know that out of sight can mean lost forever if not for a great label! Baskets also work in linen closets for pillowcases or sheet sets but those labels will keep the queen sets apart from the king. Ranging from $10 to $30 dollars, you can get a pack of bin clips that will beautifully sit on the side of your basket. You can use a chalk marker to write directly on the clip or add a decal.

Knowing exactly where things go, makes organization maintenance easy. Whether it’s baskets or bins, labels can be the finishing touch needed to make you proud to enter any space in your home.

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