10 Organizing Products You Won’t Want to Live Without

1. Interdesign Binz – Are you frustrated with things like medicine bottles or skin lotions that tend to get jumbled sitting on the shelf? The ones in the front always topple over when you fumble for the ones in the back. These clear binz will keep them straight and in place, just pull down the bin, grab what you need and put the whole thing back. They can be sorted and labeled according to what you place in the bin.

2. Like-It Bricks – These bins are perfect for bathroom drawers and under sink storage. They fit well into drawers because they have squared corners and you can use the dividers to store large or small items. They also stack so they fit well under the sink leaving space for pipes and using all your available storage space.

3. Drawer Dividers – Many times we want to have more than one type of item in a drawer. In the kitchen we might want to separate spatulas from spoons. In the bedroom it might be white from dark socks. Drawer dividers allow you to organize in a small space and make finding items simple and fast.

4. Elfa Closet and Utility Systems – These systems are strong, flexible, efficient and beautiful. They won’t pull out of your wall like many systems, the elements can be adjusted and interchanged to meet any need, they use absolutely every inch of available space and they look amazing.

5. Turntables – I love placing turntables in cabinets so you can spin to reach all items within the space. They are perfect for oils, vinegars and sauces. The items in back are no longer hard to see or grab. Everything is visible with one quick turn.

6. Battery Organizers – You can hang them in your pantry or use them in drawers for many clients. They are fantastic for keeping your back up batteries in place and most come with a built in tester to ensure they are ready for use.

7. Rewriteable Chalk Labels – Combine these sticky labels with the chalk pen, which can be erased with water, so you can change how you use your bins. The labels won’t smear like ordinary chalk. The stylish and practical labels are essential for reusing and repurposing storage bins.

8. ScanSnap ix500 – This scanner is easy to use, compact and feeds multiple pages through quickly. Reduce the amount of file drawer space you need dramatically by going digital. In my personal experience, most things can be scanned as you receive them saving space and time.

9. Memory Boxes – So often you have odds and ends of things you want to keep for no other reason than a reminder of something good. Whether it’s a ticket stub, a button, a trophy or something else that doesn’t have a home but MUST be kept, a memory box is the perfect spot.

10. Taper Bin – This flexible bin looks sleek and is perfect for the laundry room, playroom or the garage. For the bigger storage challenges in your life, the Taper Bin is the perfect answer.

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