Does your Master Closet Work For You?

The standard closet consisting of one rod and one shelf doesn’t work. There should be several components to the ideal master closet – short hang, long hang, shoe storage, shelving and drawers. For most women, short hang will make up the bulk of their storage needs. They will have tank tops, shirts, blouses, skirts and pants if they fold them over a hanger (my recommended hang method). Maximize space by using double hang with tops on the higher rod and pants and skirts on the lower. Long hang may or may not be required depending on your clothing needs, but this space should be used for dresses or long coats. Because long hang takes up the most amount of space in your closet, try to maintain only the amount you need for long things and fill any other designated long hang space with shoe storage or drawers.

Many people put shoes on the floor which can clutter the closet and make it difficult to find what you need. Implement designated shoe storage to improve the function of your space. This may be stacking shoe shelves for the floor, boxing shoes on the higher shelves or placing in an over the door shoe storage bag.

Shelving is a key component to a successful closet because it allows for placement of folded clothes, jewelry, hats, purses, scarves and other items that might otherwise clutter the closet. If your only options are the shelves over your rods, you will need to limit the things you fold and use hanging options. Luckily there are useful hanging solutions for scarves, jewelry and of course any piece of clothing can be hung. I recommend focusing those shelves for bags and purses and not investing in a fabric hanging shelf unit. I have removed many of these storage “solutions” from closets I organize. They are too slippery for most clothes and they sag over time causing things to fall out the front. Better to hang items or reconfigure your closet with real drawers or added shelving.

While many people use a dresser for undergarments and folded clothes, and often they are required if your closet it small, it is ideal to have your clothing in one place. If you must use a dresser, situate it close to your closet for convenience. If you have unused space in your closet, add a drawer unit. I see many people try to implement this tip with plastic, stackable drawer units. However, they aren’t successful because they are too narrow, too difficult to open and generally fall apart after a short time. A better option is an Elfa drawer unit providing 18” and 24” wide options in various depths. They are metal framed so they hold up and are smooth gliding for easy access to your belongings.

Three fun tips to better utilize your closet:

1. Find the right storage solution for your jewelry. It can tend to pile up as we trial one fix it solution on top of another. Instead, sort and inventory your jewelry and your space. If you have extra wall space, hang a wall option. If you have shelving look at customizable stackable solutions. If you have an extra drawer, use jewelry tray inserts and if you have no space at all, try a hanging jewelry organizer with pockets. There is a solution for every situation. Check out my Pinterest Board for some unique ideas.

2. Keep a medium sized bin on a high shelf for ongoing donations. As you realize you don’t wear something or remove a pair of pants that are too tight or not flattering, just toss it in the donation box. When the box is full, drop it off at your local charity. Keeping your closet clear of clutter doesn’t have to be a major project if you do this as you go.

3. Use wall hooks to hang your most often used items like that robe, favorite PJs or sweatshirt

If you find your closet isn’t working for you, a full reconfiguration will allow you to better maximize your space. Imagine Home Organization can help you design the right space. Locally, we will come to your home, assess your belongings, measure the space and design the right system for you. Remotely, we can discuss your needs by phone and use your measurements to find the right solution for you. Call today to get more out of your closet. 727.304.4664

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