I Maximized My Garage, You Can Too

We ask so much of our garage. It is car housing, workspace, utility central and storage. However, we often neglect the systems that could make the garage efficient for these things. At best, we put some shelving up and at worst we have “things” packed on the floor until our expensive cars are parked on the street.

I recently transformed my garage space and I wanted to share my best practices with you. My garage is a slightly oversized two car garage meaning that on the right side I have just enough room to pull in one car and on the left side, we have about two feet of space for extra storage next to the second car. Like most, the real space in my garage is at the front. I used the sides to put bikes on the ground and put sports equipment lined up very close to the walls. I had shelving at the front but it wasn’t adjustable and therefore not an efficient use of space. I also had an old bookcase in the corner for my household paint and paint supplies.

I am a professional organizer so the garage was well organized. I don’t keep things I don’t use and items were categorized by type (ie beach items, tools, paint supplies, sports gear). However, the system wasn’t maximized so I didn’t have room for the extra storage demanded by my business. I need shelving to temporarily keep organizational product and client donations to be brought to various charities.

I chose the Elfa system because it is the best garage system I have seen. It is strong, flexible and cost effective. It looks amazing and meets the key requirements for maximizing space. 1. Use the full height of your garage walls. 2. Use adjustable shelving so you don’t waste space. 3. Create a workstation so you can easily grab tools that you use frequently in the home or garage. 4. Use a track system so you can use the side walls without blocking car access. 5. Create an entry space for jackets, backpacks, shoes and umbrellas.

I installed the following:

  • Two bike hooks – one was vertical and one was horizontal;
  • Two straight hooks for my toddler bikes which are easier to use for smaller bikes;
  • Accessory hooks for bike helmets;
  • A workstation with a work surface, utility board displaying my most used tools, drawers and shelving;
  • Shoe and bag storage for the tennis gear and sneakers that stay in the garage after matches are finished;
  • Overhead hooks for folding chairs;
  • Shelving for our sports and beach gear;
  • Shelving for my business;
  • Shelving for my household supplies like spare tile, wood flooring and paint;
  • Shelving with utility track for gardening supplies and tool storage;
  • Additional track with hooks for golf bags, sports equipment and strollers.
  • Let’s Get Started

    To have your garage transformed with Elfa or organized using your existing system, call Imagine Home Organization today. 727.304.4664
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