Top 8 Areas to Organize this Spring

The weather is warming up, the trees are turning green and pollen is thick in the air. Spring is here and it’s time for spring organization.

To ensure you tackle the most important areas and give your home a fresh look, we have compiled a list of 8 important areas to organize (and how to do it) from the pros at Imagine Home Organization.

1. Display Styling

Take items off flat surfaces like bookshelves and end tables. Assess all the items you choose to display. Does every item need to be on this shelf? Do the items represent your current style?

  • Try this: Remove everything from your shelves. Hold each item in your hands before you put it back. If you love how it looks, if it makes you smile to see it, put it back on the shelf. If you had to think more than a few seconds about it, try putting it away for a while.
  • Pare down your collection of books and try displaying them by size, color, or subject. Shelves are not only meant to store things, they can also showcase your possessions aesthetically.
    • Shelves are not only meant to store things, they can also showcase your possessions aesthetically.

      2. Kitchen

      This is a room that will always need upkeep. It is used every day, after all. Open each and every cabinet and drawer, take a look at what’s inside.

    • Cull your cooking utensils. Spatulas and spoons add up over time. Give yourself the just-right amount.
      • After looking through your kitchen items try these tips to better store them:

        • Place large appliances in a low cabinet. Wrap cords neatly. Place the larger ones at the back and smaller appliances in front.
        • Use drawer dividers to keep utensils separated and in place.
        • Designate each drawer and cabinet to house only one or two categories. Too many categories leads to chaos.
        • 3. Pantry

          Take a dive into your pantry. Remove everything and give the shelves and bins a good wipe down.

          • Remove all expired food (be sure to check those sneaky spices).
          • Consolidate opened packages of the same item if possible.
          • Check any containers you have labeled and update what’s inside.
          • If anything in your pantry doesn’t belong there, take it to its rightful home.

              You did it! Now it’s time to put it all back, knowing just how sparkly clean your pantry is.

            • 4. Bathroom

              What is hiding in the back of your bathroom cabinets? Old bath bombs? Sticky lotions you don’t use anymore? At least once a year it’s important to get into those hard to reach bathroom spots. To do that you must once again remove EVERYTHING in your bathroom cabinets, drawers, shelves and closets.

              • Toss expired meds and toiletries.
              • Let go of guilt over not using a product you had high hopes for. If it didn’t work for you, you learned something. Let it go.
              • Sort items into categories (Hair, skin, make-up, health etc.
              • Choose homes for those categories (everyday items in a top drawer, back stock items on a high shelf, hair tools in a tall bin under the sink.)

                  Smile to yourself and say “Tah-Dah!” Tidy space = smiling face!

                • 5. Clothing

                  Time to bring on the joy. Spring means fun, colorful clothing, sunglasses and big hats! Take an afternoon to transform your closet.

                  • Try rotating your winter clothes into a guest room closet to give your spring clothes more room.
                  • Give your wardrobe a once over. If there are outfits that haven’t been worn in years – now is your chance to let them go. Clothes are meant to be enjoyed, not just stored.
                  • Take a look at shoes. Tired or broken shoes have got to go! When storing shoes in your closet, use shelves if possible. Line the pairs up with one toe facing backward to save space. Place all shoes of one type together (sandals, heels, sneakers etc..)
                  • Assess accessories and jewelry: While you are taking a look at your clothes, decide which accessories still spark joy for you. If you don’t love it, consider letting it go to make more space! Move sun hats and swimsuits to a more prominent spot in your closet. Winter coats and gloves can be tucked away.
                  • 6. Kids’ Clothing

                    What’s hiding behind that dresser? Do you even want to find out? EEK!! Go for it. Tidying up those spaces, where old crackers and lego pieces go to hide, will make you feel such relief.

                    • Spring is a great time to re-arrange furniture. Get your kiddo on board and ask his opinion. If he feels pride/ownership in his room he will be more likely to keep it neat.
                    • Donate or pass down any outgrown clothing.
                    • Neaten shelves – donate any old toys and books.
                    • Take a look at bedding. Is it time for a new comforter?

                        It is important to try and stay on top of what comes into our child’s space because new things continue to accumulate. Are you regularly purging enough of their “stuff” to make room for the influx?

                      • 7. Garage

                        Garages and outdoor spaces are often neglected in the cold weather (who wants to go weed the garden when it’s chilly). Now that it’s warmer your garage could use a tidy up.

                        • Ideally, to organize your garage, you must take everything out. Take a few minutes to sweep or blow the dirt out of the corners.
                        • Check your zones. Are you using the space in your garage efficiently? Using vertical space in a garage is essential so the floor space can be occupied by your vehicle. Designate one side of the garage to tools, one side to sports and entertainment, and the third side to storage.
                        • Use clear, climate-safe containers for your holiday decorations and memorabilia. Label them clearly and store them up high.
                        • Hang outdoor tools like rakes and shovels on hooks or corral them in a tall bin in one corner. (Do you need these? Do you care for your own lawn?)
                        • Create a station for your sports supplies. Having equipment handy will make you more likely to use it!
                        • Get bikes up off the floor by using a hanging rack or wall hooks.
                        • 8. Media

                        • Take a look at all the cords back there. Do these all belong to a device you still use? Could they be tidied up with cord wraps or even twist ties? For bonus points attach a label to each cord so you know what you have plugged in next time.
                        • Do you still have a collection of CDs, DVDs or Blu Rays? Most people are moving on to digital media and with the multitude of streaming options, you really don’t need hard copies. If there are some that spark joy, consider removing the plastic cases and storing all of your media in a zippered pouch.

                            Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Now that you know the areas to target, we know you can keep them clean and tidy in the years to come. After you’ve beautified your home, put on your best sunhat and go enjoy the outdoors!

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