There is So Much Joy and So Many Memories Locked Up in a Sweet Stuffed Animal

Learn how to organize that adorable mess

Recently, one of my favorite clients told me her son was so attached to his many, many stuffed animals because each held a story and memory to go with it. He could close his eyes, feel the shape and tell her when they got it, what they were doing at the time and how he felt. That is an amazing touchpoint for both of them and likely keeps him feeling secure through the many changes of childhood.

My sons each had very different associations with stuffed animals. While my oldest has had only half a dozen in 8 years and has only been moderately needy of any one, my youngest was fully attached to his “giraffie” before he was two. I once had to orchestrate, from a London business trip no less, a clandestine parking lot handoff to his grandmother of a second-hand replacement after the original was lost on a bike ride. (So thankful for a local Facebook mom’s groups that day!) Now, at 6, he has a bed full and he is constantly ranking them in order of love and priority. Nothing in the top five is ever allowed to leave the house!

If stuffed animals bring joy to your child, how do you keep them from overrunning your home?

1. Ask your child which ones are the most special and why. This will be something special to share with your kiddo.
2. Allow them to let go of stuffed animals that don’t “Spark Joy”. (i.e. Happy meal stuffies, won three at a carnival stuffies, I just don’t remember stuffies)
3. Find the right method of storing the most special ones. Here are some of my favorite options depending on how many will be living with you.

A few

Use an adorable basket.

A dozen or more

Find the right sized laundry hamper.

A few dozen

Create poof seating out of the stuffed animals.

A small zoo

Use a specially designed stuffed animal habitat that stores a lot of animals while allowing easy access.
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