Kitchen Clutter Got You Burnt Up?

Kitchen Organization

The kitchen is the heart of the home and as such a commonly overstuffed room. In order to maximize the function of your kitchen you want to organize it in the most efficient way possible.

1. Place glasses, plates and mugs in a location closest to the dishwasher so they are easy to put away. If you have items that are not getting regular use, consider donating or moving to another storage location (island storage or buffet etc.)

2. Pans and pots should be placed near the stove and again, if you have a collection larger than your cooking habits, it’s time to donate the ones that don’t get regular use.

3. Silverware should be kept in a drawer organizer and invest in an expandable that fills the entire drawer.

4. Utensils should be sorted as these tend to be the things that double and triple up over time. How many meat thermometers do you need? Do you really use that egg slicer?

5. Plastic storage ware is a big issue for many kitchens, especially since the advent of the disposable versions. Go through and see what you really use and then find a drawer or cabinet to store it all together. Toss or donate the rest.

For more in depth kitchen organization, call Imagine Home Organization and let us do it for you! 727.304.4664

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