Tips to Avoid the Stress of Holiday Travel

This is a difficult time of year to stay clutter free. We want to show our friends and family we are thinking of them. We want to show we care. We want to give to others. Here are 10 things you can give to friends and family that are fun and memory filled without creating clutter.


1: Memories – finally take all of those digital photos and create a memorable book of your shared experience.

2: Tickets – get two tickets to a movie, concert or show that you can experience together.

3: Food – get a gift card for their favorite restaurant and make a date to get together in January and spend time together.

4: Permanent Jewelry – share a bracelet, necklace or anklet with your favorite person

5: Thrills – purchase tickets to a favorite theme park.

6: Chills – give the gift of wellness with a gift card to cryotherapy, IV hydration or massage.

7: Travel – rather than an entire family exchanging presents, agree you will save the money and go on a trip together. Want to go somewhere more extravagant Spend this holiday making plans and next holiday traveling!

8: Digital Subscriptions – give an annual subscription to something of great interest – audible for the keen story enthusiast, masterclass for the curious, Spotify for the music lover or AppleTV+ for the entertainment fan.

9: Classes – Enjoy something you like to do together such as a tennis lesson, painting or cooking.

10: Give the Gift of Organization – choose a particular project like photo organization, the garage or the pantry and gift the project.

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