Our Process

Creating happy homes.

Step 1. Initial Consultation

We will meet to discuss your pain points and goals. You will give us a tour of the space, tell us what works and what doesn’t, and we will ask questions about your lifestyle that will allow us to create a customized organization plan to reach your goals.  

Step 2. Develop the Organization Plan

This customized plan will describe exactly what we will do for each space. That may entail styling and decor, design plans for storage solutions like closets systems, products like furniture or bins or it may just be the steps toward organizing your things with elements you already own.

Step 3. Implementation

We do all the work for you.  Although decision making is yours, we create an environment for the easiest, quickest decision making on your part.  First, we sort any area into like categories so you see exactly what you have.  We walk you through the decision making process, asking you the right questions for the best organizational outcome.  You take only a few minutes and we do the rest.

Step 4. Sort

By grouping items into like categories we are able to see repetitive items, determine what is most important and define the space required for its home.

Step 5. Containerize

Providing the right containers is both functional and stylish.  The right size and type of container makes organization easy to maintain.  The right style helps you feel great.

Step 6. Final Placement

Clutter develops when when items don’t have a home.  It becomes frustrating to put things away when you don’t know where they go.  We define a home for each item to make maintenance a snap.

Step 7. Enjoy Your New Space