25 Things You Really Don’t Need in Your House and Will Never Miss
  1. Appliance instruction manuals. Look it up on-line
  2. More than 15 pieces of Tupperware
  3. More than two water bottles per person in the house
  4. Expired food
  5. Empty boxes
  6. Cookbooks you don’t use
  7. Serving dishes you don’t use
  8. All those extra vases that came with flower deliveries
  9. Taxes returns older than 7 years
  10. Bills, receipts and other paperwork older than 1 year (if not reported in your taxes)
  11. Old magazines and books you don’t intend to read again
  12. More than 50 pens in your entire home
  13. Old mobile phones, VCRs and other outdated electronics
  14. Cords that you don’t know what they do
  1. DVDs/CDs/Tapes that are part of a collection you no longer listen to
  2. Tile, flooring, paint, wallpaper and other décor that is no longer in use in your home
  3. Gifts you hate but are keeping out of guilt
  4. Clothes that no longer fit (even if they were expensive)
  5. Baby gear and children’s clothes they have outgrown if you aren’t having another baby
  6. Extra sets of sheets (keep two sets for each bed)
  7. Throw blankets and old comforters you don’t intend to use (one extra per bed is plenty)
  8. Expired medicine
  9. Makeup you no longer wear
  10. Travel soaps, shampoos, conditioners and shower caps
  11. Towels that don’t match, have holes or bleach stains (one or two sets per bath is plenty)