Did your students bring home a dorm room full of things to their already crowded rooms?

Memorial Day has just passed, the temps are in the 90s and our college kids are home; It must be summer!

If you are tired of having the clutter argument with your kids, opt for family harmony and let us help.


Things to remember when organizing for a “part time resident.”

  • Their room should feel like home while they are living there so if you have been using it for extra storage while they are at school, time to find another storage spot in the house.
  • They know the clothing that is their favorite because they had it with them at college. It’s a great time to go through anything that didn’t get packed with them and see if it is time to say goodbye.
  • There may be a lot of sentimental and nostalgic items they didn’t want to part with when first leaving for college that they may feel good about letting go of now.
  • There may also be a lot of memorabilia they want to keep and this could be a good time to get it well packed, labeled and stored in a bin.
  • Anytime we are going through an emotion filled process like getting organized, it can be hard to do with family and much easier with an objective party. Of course we would LOVE to help but the solution could also be a friend to help!
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